Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hundred Crows Rising - Chapel Market, N1

I’ve probably been spending more time in pubs than could be considered healthy recently.  One I quite like at the moment is Hundred Crows Rising on Chapel Market.

Bright and airy, with space outside on the street for when the sun decides to come out, the Hundred crows is always quite chilled and a great place to have a few beers on a Sunday afternoon.  I guess for the most part it appeals to me as the decor is quite Spartan and they have stuffed crows everywhere...

The food is actually not bad as well; char grilled sweetbreads were rich, creamy, if a little over charred in places.  Chorizo croquettes were pretty good as well but they might have benefited with a little less time in the fryer.

Deep fried squid came with fennel in the batter and a chorizo mayonnaise; I couldn’t decide if the portion was a little stingy for the price but it was well cooked and not at all greasy.  The aubergine dip came out fridge cold which was a bit disappointing but tasty all the same.

Things could have been better but for something to mop up some of the drink and for the price I think it’s worth a punt.

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