Sunday, 16 December 2012

Red Dog Saloon - Hoxton Square, N1

There isn't that much actually wrong with the food at the Red Dog Saloon; sadly at times there wasn't that much right either.  Things started well with some solid if slightly dry buffalo wings and decent blue cheese dressing.

Mild in comparison with the wings at Wishbone and with none of the crunch and mess as well.  The steamed shrimp were a bit mediocre but pretty inoffensive and small enough to crunch down on with the shells as well.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cooking with QOOQ

The QOOQ tablet is being released in the UK and a group of us were invited over to Paris to check it out.  Designed and made in France QOOQ are going for the foodie market in a big way.

The tablet is designed for use in Kitchens, its sturdy, splash resistant, and has content especially designed for those who want to cook.  It's a little bit of everything you need if you want to know more about food.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Deep fried cheese (triangles)

Cheese triangles have got to be one of the chavviest food stuffs around.  Probably just edged to the top by Turkey twizzlers but it's pretty close.

That said I actually love them so when a PR offered to send me some new Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles I said yes.  Apart from making an easy any time snack in their natural form they can be pretty good fun if you cook them as well.