Saturday, 1 December 2012

Deep fried cheese (triangles)

Cheese triangles have got to be one of the chavviest food stuffs around.  Probably just edged to the top by Turkey twizzlers but it's pretty close.

That said I actually love them so when a PR offered to send me some new Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles I said yes.  Apart from making an easy any time snack in their natural form they can be pretty good fun if you cook them as well.

Inspired by my trip to Wishbone last week I decided deep fry the fuckers in some chicken fat and serve them up with hot sauce.  Pure and simple filth.

Deep frying cheese is not without it's risks so make sure you cover them properly in bread crumbs.  Basically double dip them; egg wash, bread crumb, back to the egg wash, and back to the bread crumb.

Get a pan on the heat for your schmaltz or oil if you don't have any chicken fat.  Drop some bread crumbs in the check it's hot enough and then fry your cheese in small batches.

They are done when the bread crumbs go nice and golden.  Serve with hot sauce.  BOOM.

Cheese triangles
Bread crumbs


  1. Being a sucker for deep-fried goats cheese, brie and mozzarella, I certainly get the concept... but I can't abide processed cheese. I didn't know that they did a blue cheese - is it good and stinky?

  2. It is fairly mild to be honest but you get a good hint of blue at the end!