Monday, 12 November 2012

Fish Stock (or what I found in the freezer)

I often buy too much food; markets are like crack to me, I buy stuff that looks good and end up throwing it in the freezer hoping someday I'll get round to using it up.

Six months ago on a trip to the coast we bought some fantastic fish.  Fabulous fresh Gurnard, some crab, some prawns, it hung around for a couple of days in the fridge but before the point of no return rather than waste it I froze it all.
There it sat in the dark, alone but for some antique hot cross buns to keep it company.  At the weekend I finally got round to cooking it up.

I'll be completely honest six months in a freezer does not do fish many favours but I skinned and filleted the fish, shelled the prawns, took the crab meat from the shell.  Even after all this time gently cooking them in some olive oil, butter, chilli, and lemon juice makes for a great meal.

The bones though along with the crab and prawn shells still have a lot to give.  Thrown in a deep pan with some aromatics and vermouth they will furnish you with the base for one or two more meals.

Cook the stock down on a low heat for an hour or so, skim the scum that floats to the top off as you go, then pass it through a chiniose and you are ready.  Mine went on to make a Tunisian inspired bouillabaisse; with harissa, and salted lemons.  Lush.

Ingredients for a good fish stock:
Fish Bones/Crab and Prawn shells.
Noilly Prat/White wine/Water


  1. Very interesting idea that could help every one reusing all these stuff left in the freezer

  2. im guilty of that as well. I should not be left alone to do the shopping, my eyes light up once i enter the store and i start thinking of all these wonderful things i could cook. its an expensive habbit to have.

    Lucy, Food Courses