Monday, 29 October 2012

Forty Burger at Cask - Charlwood Street, SW1

I'll keep this short: "We make burgers with 40 day aged rib and 30 day aged rump, and chips with bacon dust. Tasty."

These are the words that greet you on the website for forty burger.  It sounds so perfect; it was fair to say I was a little excited and more than happy to endure the scrum down at Cask to get a table on a Friday night.

When we got round to ordering I went for the bacon cheese burger.  A single patty topped with back bacon, mature cheddar; red onion relish, shredded lettuce, and pickles.  What's not to like?

I asked for medium rare but was told they can't do that; bar dude says it's down to the type of meat they use which puzzles me somewhat.  Bar dude then said don't worry it will still be juicy so off I pop to drink some beer while we wait.

One pint and some good chat with the lady later our food arrives by which point I'm properly hungry and practically ready to inhale it.  It looks the business but first bite in and my dreams are crushed.

The 40 day rib and 30 day rump has been cooked to a uniform grey inside.  Due to the seemingly low fat content the burger is dry and while the meat is still tasty I am gutted; the bacon, relish and cheese keep things interesting but otherwise it's actually disappointing.

On paper forty burger could be up there with the big boys but in practise on the night of my visit they failed me.  To add insult to injury the bacon dust, in my head this should be something that haunts your dreams, is far too subtle for the task; offering only a slight creamy smokiness to the chips and totally overpowered by the table sauces.

Was it a bad night?  Possibly; check out a more positive review here.

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