Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Rolls with Chilli Oil and Soy

I'll be honest and admit these aren't the prettiest Summer Rolls I've ever seen; I haven’t rolled anything but cigarettes in years and I'm even out of practise with that as well.  That said they are really fresh and taste delicious when your body is craving something healthy.

Exactly the situation I found myself in after a weekend of playing Jubilee drinking games...
Crap rolling aside they are actually quite easy to make if, like me, you are using pre made wrappers!  All it takes is a bit of preparation then a few minutes work rolling the fuckers up!

I've used homemade chilli oil as well here but you can use any dipping sauce you like as long as it’s a bit filthy to offset the healthiness of the rolls.  For variety I made each roll different; some with prawns, some chicken - you get the picture.

Ingredients for two:
12 Wrappers
1 Chicken breast – Poached, allowed to cool, and then Shredded
18 King Prawns – Not too big, cooked, and shelled
1 Red Chilli
A handful of Bean Sprouts
3 Spring Onions
A handful of Cooked Rice Noodles
1 Carrot
Some Coriander, Mint, Basil (If you can find Thai Basil use that instead)
Chilli Oil and Soy for dipping

You’ll need to finely julienne the chilli, carrot, spring onions, and cucumber so they are about the same length as a bean sprout.  Arrange all your ingredients on plates so you can reach everything nice and easy then start your production line!

The wrappers I used needed to be soaked for twenty seconds in hot water, obviously follow the instruction on the pack.  To assemble put the now flexible wrapper on a damp, clean, tea towel and start adding the ingredients in what ever order you like but it looks quite pretty if you put the herbs on the outside.

Rolling them isn't too hard; make sure your ingredients are in the middle then fold in the sides, the bottom, then the top.  When it's done pop them on a plate with a slightly damp paper towel to stop them sticking while you make the rest.  

When you are ready to eat serve them with a healthy sized bowl of dipping sauce!  You'll probably have some ingredients left over so throw it in a plastic tub and eat it the next day for your lunch.  Job done.


  1. ace, been looking for summery dinner ideas, might make these tonight!

  2. They may not look pretty (they're not bad, really!) but they sure sound tasty. And I definitely agree about post-Jubilee healthiness. One to try over the weekend I reckon...

  3. oh lovely, where did you get the wrappers from? Do they keep? Im thinking they are a nice idea for lunches

    1. Hi Burning, you can get the wrappers in Chinese supermarkets or some of the bigger supermarkets as well

  4. Oh i do like me a fresh summer roll. I've found that slicing the prawns in half lengthways makes the buggers easier to roll, particularly when you cram in as much as I do.

    Summer rolls are so brilliantly flexible, you can put in pretty much anything you want around the base of herbs, noodles and veg. And they are easy to take for lunch the next day.

  5. I love summer rolls, even after a friend likened the wrappers to condoms. Burgh. I'm more of a spicy peanut butter dip kinda girl. Go on, get some fat on them.

    1. That sounds pretty good actually, fresh roll and spicy gloomy rich dip! Good call :^D