Thursday, 2 February 2012

Export India Porter - Kernel Brewery SE1

Black almost oily like a Goths jacket, tempestuous, dark rich and inviting! Biscuit on the nose, toasted cocoa, oatmeal, malt, sweet at first on the palette and then the strength comes through.

Coffee bitterness, rich dried fruit notes perfect for cold nights and the bitter cold outside. This Export India Porter really begs to be drunk right now; the rich bitterness enveloping you like a warm hug.

Kernel Brewery


  1. I've not tried the India porter, but i have had a lighter beer of theirs and really enjoyed it. This sounds like perfect winter drinking to me.

    Out of interest, you ever been to Craft Beer on leather Lane? They have 36 different, and well kept, beers on tap. Thirty Six! You have to drink halves just to get some decent coverage.

  2. Will have to check it out! Have you tried Cask though? It's down the road from where I live so I can stumble home, always amazing beers on there!

  3. I haven't, wrong side of London for me at the moment. We have the Jolly Butchers up in N16, which is also a decent pub, and my favourite, The Gunmakers just round the corner from where I work. There does seem to be some sort of pubby renaissance underway in London at the moment.