Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mr Singh's and Spam

My doctor recently told me to cut back on the fatty stuff and keep spice to a minimum. It goes a little way to explain why I’ve been so quiet lately; healthy food just doesn’t really inspire me to write that much if I’m honest.

I’ve been eyeing up a tin of spam in my cupboard for weeks now, tempting me when I reach in for some flageolet beans or some other low GI pulse de jour. To add to the sleaze factor I’ve been waiting to test a bottle of Mr Singh’s Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce as well.

Well fuck it I thought... If you are going to be bad at least do it in style! Mr Singh’s is no Holy Fuck Hot Sauce but it served its purpose well in my sandwich. Definitely what I’d call a Kebab house sauce with lashings of Birds Eye Chilli and Tomatoes all sharpened up nicely with malt vinegar, molasses and soy.

I’d recommend using it with some fatty lamb shoulder or chops charred on the fierce heat of a grill or barbecue. The sharp flavour and gentle heat of the sauce would cut through the fatty lamb well and it definitely deserves to be used in a more glamorous setting than this cheap white bread and spam combo.

Mmmm Spam...


  1. Does your doctor read this blog? Does he?! tut tut tut tut tut

  2. Luckily I've got to that age where I'm sometimes older than the medical professional being paid to look after me. Therefore I know best, you see?

  3. Ooh, where can I find Mr Singh's sauce please?

  4. I found them on a stall on the southbank a while back but you get it online as well:

  5. Love a bit of Spam! The best thing I've ever done with it is make a 'Spam Mi' - that's a banh mi with Spam. Also love it fried on rice.

  6. @Helen Spam Mi sounds lush, I made a Bang Bang Spam a while back which was surprisingly good!