Saturday, 26 November 2011

How to Drink at Christmas - Competition Closed

I can certainly tell you how not to drink at Christmas; lots of December evenings in the past have ended with me asleep on the floor, on the couch, in the bath fully clothed (or worse mysteriously naked) with no recollection of how I got home.

There was the time I slipped in the snow and face planted the pavement smashing my glasses, cutting my eye open and making me look like an extra from Saw on Ice...

There was the time I woke up in Peterborough after a night out in Leeds and I stupidly fell asleep on a train. I lived in Wakefield at the time; that was a very cold four hours on the platform that I never want to repeat.

There has been lots of drunk snogging, lots of telling the boss what I really think and even the occasional vomming of Turkey dinners on the way home. Christmas parties and free bars can have a very detrimental effect on your career prospects if you are a young man with no off button.

Unfortunately Victoria Moore’s book won’t tell you how to stop being a bag of shame but it should help you celebrate the festive period in style! It has great cocktail recipes, some brilliant food and drink matching tips and even a few ways of perking yourself up for the morning after!

I’m giving away my copy of the book; which would make the perfect stocking filler for someone or an early Christmas present from Santa Paul for one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is to go onto my facebook page and click like. It’s that simple then I will pull the winner of the random hat in a week and dispatch your prize!

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  1. AND the winner is Lynne Fraser Macleod! Thank you everyone for entering, more freebies and competitions to follow as and when I get some more stuff!