Thursday, 6 October 2011

This is not Nanny Pat's Sausage Plait

Where’s Nanny Pat when you need her? Despite the rumours that she doesn’t make her own Plait, I think even she could turn out something better than my effort.

Sometimes it really is evident why I call this how not to do a food blog. After a hard day at work you could say my attention to detail is somewhat limited and I develop a more pragmatic approach to my cooking...

With that in mind you might think it foolish when the kind folk of Sainsbury’s asked me to try their new By Sainsbury’s range. It all looked pretty good but I only had eyes for two things though, the Butchers Choice Cumberland Sausages and the Ready Rolled Puff Pastry.

Putting the two together in the form of a tasty sausage plait wasn’t really much of a leap of the imagination. I did however think it’d be a good test of the quality of the produce.

The pastry I have to say is pretty good, very easy to work with and when cooked was buttery and delicious. The sausage itself wasn’t too bad either, like most Cumberland they had a good dose of Black Pepper thrown in and probably would have even been ok without the addition of the onion.

For a quick, tasty and essentially lazy supper you could do a lot worse in my opinion. Start by stripping your Sausages of their skins and putting the meat into a bowl, mix in your chopped spring onions and form into a meat tube in the middle of your pastry.

You’ll want to score the pastry so you can plait the top. If you are using Sainsbury’s Ready Rolled Puff Pastry you’ll need to trim some off the side so you don’t have a huge over lap when you get going.

Don’t use foil when you bake this like I did, I’d run out of baking parchment... Glaze with butter then cook for forty minutes at 200c or till golden brown on top. If you are feeling particularly chavvy serve with baked beans!

8 Sausages
1 Pack of ready Rolled Puff Pastry
Spring Onions
Butter to glaze


  1. it was your Nanna Pat reference that caught my eye...great review on the pastry though, I am all for using ready made/rolled pastry (especially for week night meals)...better luck next time! :)

  2. Nice use of the pastry (and I agree, it really is pretty good when it comes down to it, and so easy to use) and sausage meat. I love the idea of what is, essentially, an enormous sausage roll. And unhealthy food don;t get much better than that.

  3. giant sausage roll!! yummmmm.

  4. Beans = chavvy? How could you?

    Taking my blogger hat off, sausage (chips) & beans is one of the best meals ever!

  5. Will defo try this,nice,quick mid week meal.