Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Holy Cow! A Curry delivered in SW1...

I don’t know about you but I was really excited when I heard that Tayyabs were starting to do home deliveries. I’m only a quick 5 mile scoot along the Thames from them so I was pretty hopeful that they’d be able to find me and bring me food!

In short they won’t, I’m not going to go on about it but they delivered to Peckham which is further away. What has sweet little old Pimlico done to offend them? *wipes tears off keyboard and carries on*

I’d got it in my head that I wanted a takeaway and a quick shout on twitter yielded surprisingly few results for deliveries in SW1.

Holy Cow it was then... Twenty five minutes later the buzzer went on the front door and the food was in my hands!

I’d gone for the Lamb Bhuna, Pilau Rice and the Keema Naan. The Bhuna was really well spiced, deeply flavoured and really fresh despite the oily first impressions. The Pilau Rice was light, fresh and fluffy inside its heat sealed box.

The Keema Naan would have been perfect with some nice Dhal as it was good and meaty but was overkill alongside the Bhuna. I should have ordered the Garlic Naan!

The Lady wanted something healthy so she chose the Special Murgh Kebab. This came with a little salad which is hidden under the meat in the photo and was also recommended according to the online menu.

It was special, I’ll certainly give it that. Minced chicken, formed with spices and herbs on skewers and cooked in the Tandoor. I’m undecided on it to be honest, something about the weird herby chicken tubes disturbed me somewhat.

All in the meal cost £23 and came with two free poppadoms and some suspiciously luminescent Mango Chutney. The rice was a portion for two and would have easily fed a third hungry person as well. My Bhuna was more than enough for me and the Lady helped me finish that as well so the portions are definitely healthy for that price.

I’m actually really pleased I’ve found a takeaway I’d be happy to order from again. We were spoilt for choice up North for decent take away curries, down here has been hit and miss so far but Holy Cow will definitely be getting my business again.

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  1. I love HOLY COW: the one in archway is always fresh, never disgustingly oily as per usual takeaways in fact i wish they had a sit down restaurant..!

  2. I was thinking of doing a post about my local Indian takeaway recently, especially as Tayyabs won't deliver to me out in N19 either (madness). Perhaps I will, we could create a map of all the good takeaways in London for when you really just don't want to cook/really fancy a decent takeaway.

  3. That sounds like a good idea, it's the reason I did this one to be honest! Now if I could just find a decent pizza delivery place I'd be happy :^)

  4. Ah, was about to post but they don't deliver to your postcode. Sorry!

  5. Just been online I think they do deliver to me... There is a branch in Chelsea that comes up when I put my postcode in! Good times :^)