Friday, 24 June 2011

Left-over Breakfasts

Sometimes I like to splurge on ingredients, other times I am so tight it’s untrue. We had a load of left overs from the other night and I couldn’t bare to throw them away.

Things like potatoes and mange tout don’t mind sitting in the fridge once they’ve been cooked for a day or so. With that in mind I knew I’d think of something to do with them in the mean time.

This little breakfast dish was brought to you by the school of Potatoes, Bacon and Cheese so it’s probably not best for those on a diet. You can literally throw whatever you like in here just use my recipe as a guide.

Get a frying pan hot, pour in some oil or butter and throw in the sliced Bacon and Potatoes. Cook till it begins to crisp with those little sticky bits on the bottom of the pan.

After a while throw then in the Mange Tout. You could use peas or sugar snaps they all work well. Add some sliced chilli, throw in some chopped cherry tomatoes and grate in a good handful of parmesan.

Toss it all together for a few minutes on the heat. If it catches in places don’t worry as it all adds to the flavour. Serve with a fried egg on top and big mug of sugary tea!

Cooked New Potatoes
Cooked Mange Tout - Sugar Snaps or Peas work really well here.
Sliced Smoked Bacon
Cherry Tomatoes
One Big Chilli - Sliced
(Just throw in whatever you have left in the fridge, it's all good!)


  1. These are my favourite type of brunch dishes, reminds me of my Grandma who never threw ANYTHING away... she even had a grinder to make minced meat from the left over Sunday joint.

  2. Did similar the other weekend with broad beans. Lovely.