Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ginger Power Shandy and the Turbo Mule

What would you do if someone asked you to create a dish that used Crabbies Ginger Beer as the main ingredient?  I’ve got to be honest I gave it a go and the results weren’t that pretty…

So I decided the use it the way god intended and drink the fucker!  In the interest of science of course I thought it only fair to give The Hollows from Fentimans a try as well to check out their take on alcoholic ginger beer.

My Ginger Power Shandy is simply half Crabbies and half Lager.  To recreate this at home fill a glass with some ice, pour in some Crabbies and top it up with Lager.  Then drink…  It’s refreshing, easy to drink and a couple of them will see you well on the way to inebriation.

It’s an excellent way to use it as for me on its own the Crabbies is over sweet.  It has a good ginger note but that sweetness becomes overpowering and cloying on the palate if you are having more than one on its own.

The Hollows on the other hand feels much more like an adult treat.  The strong ginger flavour and dry edge with out the sweetness makes this well worth a punt as it is!

It works really well as a mixer and when combined with lime and vodka makes a frankly lethal Turbo Mule!  Why turbo?  Well a normal mule only uses ordinary ginger beer so this is my powered up version.

At the end of the day both make great summer drinks and with the sun shining down on us right now it’s the perfect time to give them a try!


  1. Try it with bitter, a shot of cointreau a dash of lemon juice and a large twirl of orange peel as a garnish... brilliance in a glass

  2. @Donald That sir sounds like a brilliant idea! A man after my own heart.

  3. I can easily see an evening become extremely messy after a couple of turbo mules! Definitely one I'll have to try. Never been that tempted by Crabbies though, always suspected it would be too sweet/artificial for some reason.

  4. Ha we've just started selling this,Fentimans is very local to us.Love it :)