Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kuchi - Gippstrasse, Mitte, Berlin

We almost didn’t come here...  The last thing I wanted to have was bad sushi on holiday and I wasn’t sure it was worth the risk.The Lady wanted something healthy though and after several days of eating Curry Wurst my stomach and I had to agree.

Kuchi like most of Berlin’s establishments is well hidden off the beaten track.  This might have had more to do with my somewhat drunken map reading but it did take us quite a while to find.

When we did find it we were both more than pleasantly surprised.  Kuchi feels young, friendly and very trendy.  The decor is minimal with splashes of eastern charm dotted about the place and there was a good crowd on the Sunday night we’d visited.

The menu is varied and it seems they’ve taken influence from most of the orient.  I’ve got to say this normally rings alarm bells to be honest.  Huge menus mean huge stock and that usually means stuff sits around longer than it should if you aren’t careful.

I could see into the open kitchen though, just two guys working like machines turning out plate after plate of beautiful food and my confidence was well restored.

We went for the Dim-Sum starter.  Six pieces on seasonal rotation the menu said which could have meant anything really.

I was really pleased we’d gone for them though, they were delicious and easily the best dim-sum I’ve ever had.  Silky parcels filled with intensely flavoured meats, seafood and veg.  I wanted more immediately!

Mains wise the lady had chosen the Imperial Sushi plate, a huge selection of some very fine sushi indeed.  The Tuna was top class, the rolls fantastically constructed and tasted really good.  I’m not a massive sushi buff but the Lady was very happy.

One thing that did strike me as odd though was the Sushi Prawns...  Literally raw prawns albeit well presented and well prepared prawns.  The texture was interesting, the flesh sweet but I think I need to try them again to decide whether I like it or not...

The main event for me was the Yaki-tori, little skewers of grilled meaty goodness, with rice and Kimchi.  I’d gone for the Chicken skin, heart and breast as well as Pork Belly and Lamb.  Now for me meat plus grill equals perfection so I was well pleased.

The Chicken Hearts were really tender, like juicy thigh meat and perfectly cooked.  The Pork Belly was again beautiful and the Lamb was pretty good as well.

The Chicken Skin was incredibly crunchy and I honestly thought it was Pork Crackling to start with which was a shame as I’d kind of wanted some slightly chewy skin to gnaw on.

All in all the meal was fantastic, service was efficient but could possibly be described as indifferent at times.  Possibly as half way through I didn't even bother trying to speak German but over all the positives far outweigh any minor negatives!

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