Monday, 7 February 2011

Black and Spicy Belly Pork

The one thing you’ll ever need to know about Pork is that fat equals flavour, remember that mantra when choosing your cut and you won’t go far wrong.  This recipe really highlights all I love about pork and is best cooked with one of the cheaper cuts. This is a really easy meal for when you need that salty fat fix and you've got a little time to play with!

I’ve used Belly this time, but it’d be equally as good with some nice Bath Chaps or even a fatty bit of shoulder butterflied out.  This is pretty hard to fuck up and even if you do cook it too long you’ll still have crispy blackened skin, creamy but spicy fat and tender juicy meat!  Just maybe take the battery out of the smoke alarm though before hand...
Start by getting a pan on the heat.  Put the belly pork skin side down in about an inch of water and bring to the boil.  You want to blast the skin and fat for about five minutes just to get the cooking process going.  Whilst this is going blitz up your Green Chillies, Spring Onions, Garlic, Ginger and Coriander into a fine paste.

You want to reserve one of your Spring Onions for Garnish and some Coriander leaves for decoration if you are feeling fancy.  By now the Pork should have had enough time to get it started so take it off the heat and put it on a chopping board.  Let it cool a minute before you start handling it.
You want to deeply score the meat, fat and skin so you can increase the surface area that going to receive the fantastic paste.  If you look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean.  Rub it all in and put the Belly in a baking dish ahead of the next stage.

Fill the dish up half way with water but keep it below the skin, splash on some light soy and some honey and throw it in a hot oven.  Keep an eye on the water levels while it's cooking as this helps keep the meat moist while the skin crisps up and blackens nicely.
Depending on the size of your meat this is perfect after an hour.  If the skin isn’t crispy enough after this time just turn up the heat and give it a little longer.  The braising stock will combine with the rub and help form a fantastic salty sauce for this so make sure you don’t let this boil away! (if it gets too reduced just add a little more water)

Rest your meat for at least ten or fifteen minutes before you slice and serve.  The sauce from the dish is perfect just drizzled on top and mopped up with some flat bread.  This spicy, salty treat is one you’ll want to cook again and really is worth the ballache when you are washing up.

A Good Lump of Belly Pork, A Small Bunch of Coriander, 3 or 4 Green Chillies, 4 Spring Onions, 2 Cloves of Garlic, A Thumb of Ginger, A Good Dash of Light Soy, 1 Tbsp of Honey, Water as required.


  1. Oh, wow. Drool. I love pork belly and it looks February is the season for it. Nothing better to banish the winter chills than a good dose of tasty moist piggy meat and a blast of chillies.

    I particularly like the look of that spicy sauce rubbed on the skin and the resultant blackened crackling, It looks very tasty indeed and would cut the super rich fats beautifully.

  2. Cheers Aaron, it's definitely one to try doesn't look too appealing but as soon as you try that crunchy crackling and spicy sauce you'll get exactly what I mean!

  3. I use pretty much the same marinade on belly pork, but would never have thought to blacken it like this - will definitely try, because this looks beeyootiful!

    Such a good idea - have you tried blackened catfish (Creole dish I think)? That's the only thing I've had that's similar.

  4. OMFG. That looks quite wonderful. Quite quite wonderful.

  5. Look lovely and you're so right FAT is Flavour.I bet it would be great done with ham too.

  6. @MiMi I've not had blackened Catfish, think I was put off Creole food by too many bad Jambala's over the years but would be willing to give it ago!

    @Snippet definitely tend to agree with you there, think it would be great with ham. Think I'll experiment with a nice rack of lamb as well. That's got a perfect fat to meat ratio for this kind of treatment as well!