Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dirty Food Secrets...

So dirty but so good...
I love dirty food secrets... Everyone’s got one lurking in the back of the cupboard or fridge. I’m talking about the kind of food you eat when you are on your own, when no one is watching or when you just need that little bit of comfort. I’ve known a lot of strange combinations over time that people think are perfectly normal until someone points out what they are doing.

Mine have changed over the years, when I was a child I used to love Cheese Spread and Jam Sandwiches dipped into a cold glass of milk. I think a lot of these food fetishes develop over the years mostly out of necessity but all reek of natural curiosity for tastes and flavour.  A quick straw poll on twitter revealed some brilliant results; Wholes tubes of Taramasalata, Corned beef, Kidney beans and Mayo sandwiches on wonder bread, Beans on Toast with Salad Cream, Fray Bentos and Branston... To name but a few.

Compared to some of the above my current dirty food secret feels quite tame but as an ex-chef I really should know better. I love Frankfurters, I can eat whole packets of them in a sitting. Cold straight from the fridge, micro-waved and dipped into ketchup or my absolute favourite and slightly more traditional. In soft white rolls with American Mild Mustard and Squeezy Cheese. I’d like to add that 8 frankfurters were consumed in the time it took me to take the photo’s for this.

So come on then, what’s your dirty food secret?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Wapping Project - Wapping Wall E1W

I think I have found the perfect bolt hole for Brunch, we walked down to Wapping Food on Sunday and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with the place. Also home to the Wapping Project the building is a converted industrial pump house and is a mixed use arts and restaurant space.

The building is huge with amazing glass windows letting fantastic amounts of light into the dining area. Tables nestled happily between pumps and machinery...

The brunch menu is simple and has a good mix of healthy and indulgent options to please most appetites. I went the full English, my hangover was threatening to make an appearance and I thought the fried goodness would help me through to the other side.

It was really good and a really large portion as well so well worth the money. The Lady went for the Scrambled Eggs with Girolles and Truffle Oil on Toast and really enjoyed it. Our Producer friend chose a portion of the Waffles with Stewed Fruit and Chantilly Cream. All delicious, all good sized portions...

The building is a photographers wet dream, everywhere you look there is a photo waiting to be taken. Unsurprisingly due to the unusual size and nature of the venue it is also often home to some excellent modern art.

Currently hosting a major installation by Paul Bouden, the back room holds some fantastic examples his graphic design in a commission by the Wapping Project to celebrate the London Design Festival.

I definitely cannot wait to come back down here to try the proper menu. If you enjoy food and art this place comes highly recommended!

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Brick Lane Bakery - Brick Lane E1

There’s something about a queue that makes me want to get involved... Just in case whatever is on the end of it is amazing and worth waiting for. Walking down Brick Lane at the weekend we got involved.

The Lady wanted a Salt Beef Bagel and we jumped into Brick Lane Bakery without giving it too much thought. If this many people are queuing it must be good surely?

Any way five minutes later and six pounds lighter in the wallet we left with our beef treats. What we’d been given though was a couple of bags of disappointment...

It was literally death by Salt Beef. Massive lumps of insipid beef overpowering the actually really rather good Bagel. No pickles, no love. Judging how busy it was though I'm hoping this was an off day.

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Monday, 6 September 2010

LED Festival - London Fields, Hackney

Rain, Fairground rides and crap food were not exactly what I was expecting when we trotted down to London Fields in Hackney to check out the LED Festival.

We started the day with some really good Vietnamese at Tres Viet and a few pints in the Dolphin before we headed down so we were in really good spirits and the down pour didn’t stop us having a good time.

The stages were well spread out but considering the number of them I was surprised by how large the site was. That or less people turned up than expected but it made getting to the bars really easy though.

A bit too easy in all honesty as despite dancing till the end of the night I can’t really say much about any of the acts. As we were chatting, having a good time and more importantly filling our boots with delicious Cider.

Drunkenly we ate distinctly average Cheeseburgers to keep us going through the day as I really didn't see much else on offer... We did get it together though for Leftfield, closing the night with a storming ambient set that got people smiling if not dancing much as the mud, cold and bar prices seemed to have sent a few people packing earlier in the day.

Goldfrapps' turn was less exciting. Playing mostly new songs that didn't get people going with only a couple of old favourites to keep her older fans happy.

As we were leaving sadly it felt reminiscent of a football match; we were herded together shortly out of the gates and not allowed to leave for a while by the Police.

LED definitely needs some work but shows promise, going up against Creamfields, Reading and Leeds is not going to get many through your doors and you'll always struggle with your line-up but we had a good time.

With no trouble to speak of the day went off without too much of a bang but a little bit of sunshine would have made this a scorcher!