Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fuji Hiro - Wade Lane, Leeds

What a little gem... Fuji Hiro is great, the lady has been raving about it for ages but I got my first chance to try it out yesterday. We’d been bowling in the Merrion centre and as usual I’d kicked arse despite having a bit of an off day only bowling a 161 and a 130 something.

Fuji Hiro is tucked well out of the way on Wade lane and looks like it would not be out of place in a film noir movie, very bleak and minimalist inside. Just wooden tables, a bar at one end and the kitchen in the back.

I love this kind of place as you know it’s all about the food and the food alone. It’s a noodle bar so don’t expect to find anything too unusual on the menu but do make sure you come here hungry.

I’m sure they were trying to kill me with my meal, the biggest plate of Spicy Chicken Men I’ve ever seen, the noodles coated in a sticky peanut and chilli sauce.

The Chicken Ramen came out in a suitably big dish as well with a deliciously subtle savoury broth with it and salad of bean sprouts on the side.

If you are ordering food you can have free green tea with your meals making this even better value definitely try this place out if you love large portions and noodles in all their forms. It’s really good value as well and definitely seems to get by on its reputation alone.

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Sukhothai - Otley Road, Leeds

We seem to be quite lucky for places to eat in Headingley, with most of the globe covered in such a small area it’s pretty nice to have such a good choice.

That given we were pretty limited on Saturday night as we’d left booking till quite late, we were celebrating my beautiful lady’s birthday and there was 9 of us to feed.

We had managed to get into Sukhothai not too far from Salvo’s on Headingley Road. This place definitely plays up to its Thai roots in the decor, lots of carved wood and statues of monks and other such shit about the place.

The menu is immense with a hell of a lot of choice in every section so it actually takes longer to choose than it does for your food to come out.

As there was 9 of us and it was more of a celebration than an opportunity to review the food. Most of my time was spent chatting and making sure everyone had drinks.

Which was incredibly easy as Sukhothai is of the old school in waiting staff where more is definitely more...

The Changs and Singha were flowing good and fast so we were all soon suitably lubricated and having a good laugh. Food wise I’d gone for the Tod Mun Pla which is their take on Fishcakes, slightly greasy but ok all in all. They were quite dense but went down ok.

For mains I’d chose the Pad Prik Gang, which is meant to be a hot Thai Red Curry with Chicken, it was good and creamy with coconut milk but nowhere near hot enough for my liking.

All in all the food is of a high standard and the service is very quick and attentive but it’s very definitely a paired down version of the real thing.

Despite this I would definitely recommend coming for a meal, the atmosphere is fun and very friendly and if you tell them it’s your birthday they will come over and sing for you as well!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

La Grillade - Wellington Street, Leeds

You cannot beat classic French for a good meal and La Grillade is about as classic French as you can get. This bijou establishment has been on the Leeds food scene for many years and is a bit of a legend.

As the name suggests it’s a grill, if you like your meat you’ll be happy and we were very happy. It was my 30th at the weekend so the Lady took us out for a treat so we went all out. I ordered a bottle of their cheapest champagne and all things considered it was pretty good.

To start I went for the Rillettes, I love Pork Rilettes so I really had to have this one in all honesty. Rich and creamy with pork fat it was served in Quenelles, how retro is that, with some hot toast it was near to perfect but could have been a bit more peppery.

The Lady ordered Escargot, she literally eats everything so I was not surprised. I tried one and I can safely say I still hate them, I really don’t see the attraction.

She did say they could have been more garlicky. For mains we went for the daddy of all steaks Château Briand, served rare with Frites. It was spot on and there is nothing more to say on the matter.

I think you can tell from my blog I’m a man of simple tastes and pleasures so it won’t be too much of a surprise when I tell you I had the Crème Brulee for dessert. It was a delight I’m not going to say any more on the matter.

The Lady had Tarte aux Pommes, which was delicious and the portion was just the right size considering it’s richness.  To heighten the sheer class of the evening Alan Bennett was eating at the table over the way from us, he is pretty much in the premiership of top old Yorkshire men so it was a classy affair.

All in all La Grillade is delightfully decadent and deliciously retro and surprisingly good value as our meal was £112 including service charge which I was more than happy to pay, the service was excellent as well with actual French people at the helm.

Of course the company was excellent as always and my spirits were high because of the occasion but I definitely think this is a place to try if you haven’t been before.

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