Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pork Vindaloo - Anjum Anand's I Love Curry

I love a good cook book; I don’t buy as many as I’d like but there is something fascinating about seeing food from someone else’s perspective.  I love Curry from Anjum Anand’s gives us another chance to look at food through her eyes.

If you’ve been living under a rock Anjum has risen to fame, foodie fame but fame all the same, pushing her healthy take on Indian food.  She’s been on and off the Tele now for years and has been lauded by some as the Indian Nigella...

I love Curry is nicely set out into handy sections allowing you to easily find the different recipes you might be after.  The well photographed food drags you in and the wonderfully easy to follow recipes really make this cook book an actual joy to read.

For me though the test of a cook book is in the recipes and how well they actually transfer from the page to the plate.  I decided to road test the Pork Vindaloo and show you how I fared with Anjum’s recipe: 

1tbsp Cumin Seeds
1 Tbsp Coriander Seeds
5-10 Dried Red Kashmiri Chillies (or 3-6 hotter Dried Red Chillies with the seeds shaken out)
6 Black Peppercorns
3 Green Cardamon Pods
4 Cloves, 2cm Cinnamon Stick
13g Ginger, peeled weight roughly chopped
7 fat garlic cloves
3 tbsp good quality white wine vinegar, or to taste
400g Pork Shoulder with some fat, in 2.5cm cubes
50g Pork Belly, in 2.5cm cubes
Salt, to taste
4tbsp vegetable oil
1 Small onion, finely chopped
 Sugar to taste

Using a spice grinder, grind the whole spices and chillies to a fine powder. (You can imagine this bit in her sexy voice if it helps?)

Make a paste of the ginger garlic and vinegar.  Add this to the pork along with the spices and salt, cover and marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours, if you have time.
Heat the oil in a non-stick saucepan.  Add the onion and fry until golden brown.  Add the pork and marinade and brown gently over a moderate heat for six or seven minutes.

Reduce the heat to low, cover and cook for 40 to 50 minutes, or the pork is tender, checking every so often and adding a splash of water from the kettle if the pot looks like it is running dry.

Once the pork is tender, taste, adjust the seasoning and serve.  Some people like to add a little sugar.  I don’t, but I leave it to you to decide. 

Serves 4 (4 what? Children probably as 2 of us demolished this quite easily)

It was amazingly easy to put this all together and as a Sunday night treat really rounded off the weekend quite nicely.  The recipe worked perfectly and next time I would probably only be a little more fierce with the heat and get some more colour into the meat and sauce.

If I was you I wouldn't be thinking to long about getting this book, well worth the investment if you ask me!


  1. "Serves 4 (4 what? Children probably as 2 of us demolished this quite easily)"

    Hehehe. I made pig cheek vindaloo t'other day - made up the recipe and it was quite similar to this one, pleasingly.

  2. I spotted this book in Waitrose the other day,it nearly found its way into my trolley.Might have to buy it now!

  3. Phwoar - this looks a bit good. I havebn't been a huge fan of the ....Food Made Easy, especially because Ching He-Huang actually makes my skin crawl but this looks pretty damn good.

  4. @MiMi I bet that was pretty fantastic, need to do some cheeky recipes of my own soon. I've been planning some stuff to unleash!

    @Northern Snip - Definitely get it, really good recipes that you could easily make in larger amounts for the specials board maybe?

    @Lizzie I know what you mean, I've found those series quite patronising especially the Chinese food one. The recipe is well worth a try and I'd pretty much guarantee you'd like it!

  5. Hey always wanted to try vindaloo..thankyou for the lovely recipe.n i love watching ur show on TLC