Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Marquis - Belgrave Road. SW1

Hello Piggy!
It’s time to get used to the new neighbourhood; we are out of sleepy Wapping and into the delights of SW1.  Pimlico seems a world away from the quiet East End warehouses we have been used to but I love it.  Everywhere we look there are pubs and restaurants to try so the blog might be a bit SW1 biased for a while!  I’m still broke though so I’m going to be looking at the more affordable options the area has to offer.

The Producer had popped up from Brixton and with a cheap meal in mind we went for a wander and stumbled onto The Marquis on Belgrave Road.  It’s an odd little pub; cheesy pop music playing in the background, trendy fleur de lis wall-paper and colourful fabric benches brighten up the otherwise rather austere black paintwork but the welcome was warm and friendly.

The menu looked really good so we stayed for a drink and a sit down.  The pub has the usual selection of roasts and an interesting specials board but it was the Pork Belly that caught my eye.  Served with Colcannon Mash and Bramley Apple Sauce it sounded like the perfect thing to fill me up on a Sunday afternoon.  I was not expecting the mammoth portion that came to the table though.

Literally the size of my clenched fist my eyes popped out of my head with joy.  It was a really tasty bit of pig overall but could have been better if I’m being honest.  The fat could have been rendered down some more for my preference as it was a little chewy in places but overall it was a good portion.  The Crackling was teeth shatteringly crisp which suggested it’d be cooked separately but this is a just little niggle.

For £10.25 for a portion that size I could hardly complain though.  The Lady and the Producer opted for sandwiches; seemingly conspiring to make me look like a fat bastard but like the gannets they are they munched on what I couldn’t eat.  Overall I think we’ve found a great little boozer and will be back.  Just need to somehow find a way to make them change the music...


  1. See, if it was the size of my clenched fist, I'd be unimpressed :^D

  2. Man hands are big! Big like mugs or the boxes they come in... struggling for an ananlogy here...