Monday, 1 November 2010

Il Bordello - Wapping High Street, E1

Il Bordello has been on my hit list for a long time now; I’ve only ever heard good things about it, it hasn’t changed since it opened it’s doors and it is always rammed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is clearly the maxim of the day.

We went down late on Friday night and had booked for their second sitting; we’ve finally moved into our new flat and this meal was our little goodbye to Wapping.

The restaurant was buzzing to say the least, with the second service of the evening in full swing we were quickly shown to our table mostly to get us out of the door as more people were pouring grabbing take aways and waiting for tables.

It’s a good sign when people are waiting, makes me glad we had the fore sight to phone ahead as we were starving after much heavy lifting and moving furniture about.

Getting down to business and the menu is old school Italian, the kind of Italian that was fashionable in the 80’s and wouldn’t feel out of place in a gangster movie.

It’s fairly simple food but you have your standard selection of anti-pasti, pasta and pizza. You also have a lot of meat and fish on the grill to choose from as well.

I went for the Breaded Mozzarella with an Anchovy and Tomato Sauce; it was a beautiful fat discus of cheese deep fried topped with a rich red sauce and Anchovies. All served with enough salad to kill a pig. I’m probably going to be the only who complains about a lack of anchovies but overall it was pretty good.

Mains and my stomach was screaming for Pizza, up in Leeds I’d get at least two a week but down here in London they are a rare treat sadly. The American was the only choice for me.  I have to have Pepperoni on my pizza and I was not disappointed at all.

The pancake thin crust was liberally flecked with delicious spiced sausage and chilli with just the right amount of cheese as well. Cheesy meaty heaven washed down with bottle of Red whose name escapes me now...

I won’t go into too much detail about our other dishes as I was too busy enjoying my pizza to take too much notice but they looked amazing and came in epic portions. It may not be classy but the food was good.

Good in the way that you’ll leave happy and full, the service is friendly and the waiters love to chat... This is a place to go with friends and family who love honest food.

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  1. Funny we were talking recently about how there's so many trendy Italian restos now but not many old school authentic style ones.We were wondering if people would go for it-reading this it looks like they definitely would!

  2. It does amazingly well, I kept thinking they could make so much more by scaling down the portion sizes but I think that would probably put the regulars off! Swings in round-abouts and all that!

  3. Bordello rocks - its pretty tucked away but still does brilliantly. The pizzas are great and they are massive!