Wednesday, 27 October 2010

J Sheekey - St Martin's Court, WC2N

No Camera's or Mobiles if you please...
There are few places that really live up to their reputation and after last night I can see why people really do rave about J Sheekey. It was late, I was tired and the cold night was beginning to make me somewhat irritable. We arrived slightly early for our post theatre table and were greeted on the door by a smiling man with the most fabulous bushy moustache I’ve ever seen...

After the cold night outside the warm and welcoming interior was literally like a hug from a long lost friend that I didn’t know I had. The decor screams old school as you walk to your table; from the wood panel walls to traditional table dressing it all fits and feels very considered. There is nothing out of place and nothing that isn’t necessary.

Just sitting at the table feels like a bit of a treat; so coming here to celebrate a birthday fits perfectly. J Sheekey is essentially a fish and seafood joint, if you are not a fan of either you’ll probably be better served going elsewhere in all honesty. For me fish is not the first thing I’d order so choosing from the expansive menu took some time.

To start I went for the Razor Clams with Broad Beans and Chorizo. The Lady and I both had a bit of nightmare trying to prepare them a while back so it felt right to have them done properly. Sheekey’s serve them simply but quite elegantly on the shell, which visually was a bit of a delight. The Clams were well cooked and delicious alongside the earthy heat of the Chorizo and fresh green Broad Beans.

For mains I’d been torn on which direction to go as all the food going to the other tables had looked amazing. In the end I opted for what my belly told me. Smoked Haddock with Poached Egg, Leek Hash and a Coarse-grain Mustard Sauce. It was almost perfect, had there been some crunch on the plate as well texturally it would have been amazing. The components worked really well with each other and made for a really filling dish.

The Lady and her parents have an amazing and very admirable desire the eat everything in the sea so our other meals really did add to the body count on the table. The whitebait were expertly cooked and a very good portion size. The Fines de Claire Oysters were apparently very good but the mains were the most impressive. They’d gone for two of the whole Lemon Sole, expertly grilled on the bone and a huge Monkfish Tail perfectly steamed all served with delicious and buttery Hollandaise.

We’d sat to eat after 10 so by midnight the Champagne earlier in the evening alongside the two glasses of exquisite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc had put me into an extremely good mood. Sated and ready for bed we stumbled into the night to find our chariot home. J Sheekey is a definite treat, we’d come down to celebrate the Lady’s mums birthday and all the meals were spot on. The cooks at Sheekey’s definitely know how to grill, fry, steam and boil their fish so it comes highly recommended.

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