Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Seadogs - Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2

Wandering around Edinburgh is not always a good idea (especially) when you are hung over and hungry as it leads to bad judgement calls.

I won’t lie to you; I had a Chiquito’s Texan Chilli Hot Dog for lunch last week and it was my idea. Two minutes after walking out the dimly lit faux tex-mex dining hall we stumbled on Seadogs and I cursed my own name.

Brightly lit, utilitarian wooden furniture and simple but modern decor it seemed pull me in with its siren song.

Looking at the menu it was all fish, healthy fresh fish, Seadogs was everything I needed to cure my broken frame but I was still full of the wrong-dog so I made sure we came back the next day to try the food.

Doing a cursory bit of research online tells me that Seadogs is part of a Dogs trio of restaurants in Edinburgh. This one opening up in February seemed to be flourishing from its central location on Rose Street.

The menu is simple but perfect for lunch, the portion sizes ideal and the service is quick and very efficient. Larger portions are available in the evenings as well for a slightly bigger price.

I went for the Beer Battered Coley; with Chips, Mushy Peas and Chunky Tartare sauce. What else did you expect really? It was really good, the Batter was crisp and the Coley was gorgeous.

Along with the perfectly seasoned peas I was extremely pleased. We’d asked for some sliced bread as well and got huge chunks of a warm fresh white loaf that begged for loads of butter.

I’d have been happy for some cheap sliced white to make a butty with but this hit the spot all the same.

The Lady and our Producer friend ordered the Seafood Tomato Chowder and the Fish Broth. The Broth was with Coley; Trout, Mussel and flavoured with Cream and Cider.

It was really good; the liquor suited well to dipping with the chunky bread. The Seafood Tomato Chowder was nice and chunky and both well seasoned and confidently done.

With a couple of soft drinks, a beer and a glass of Prosseco we were still only looking at the best part of a tenner each. Come here if you want a good food and service but aren’t looking to break the bank, perfect if you are running between shows at the fringe as well!

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  1. Great post to read following your recommendation on Twitter! Always try to plan ideas for where to eat in between shows based on which part of the city we'll be in otherwise you do end up grabbing some awful crap or, in my experience, living off Fudge Kitchen fudge!

    Most of the places we end up going back to though are just re-visited for traditions sake, and because I know we can get a decent enough meal there so really good to get some new ideas in.

    Have added this to the list and will definitely be popping in if we find ourselves nearby, thanks!

  2. i like seadogs too. the owner has a few other places in edinburgh too - the dogs and amore dogs, also good.

  3. This is definitely somewhere I'll be visiting again when I'm next up.