Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Luxe, Spitalfields Market - Shoreditch

Part of John Torodes ever expanding empire the Luxe is situated in Londons Spitalfields market and looks very at home amongst the trendies that haunt the area.

We'd gone early as we'd been walking around the markets and hadn't had breakfast yet. I was starving and not far off cranky so the Lady sensibly suggested I was fed before things turned ugly.

The ground floor is cool and the staff friendly, they'd obviously taken a bit of time to try and make the place looks the business. It's very much a relaxed affair and a welcoming place to chill out and have some brunch.

I'd gone for the Luxe Big Breakfast and the Lady chose the Eggs Benedict with an extra sausage temptingly priced at only an extra pound.

The breakfast was good; the sausage was spot on. The Bubble and Squeak was lush, I'll ask for more next time.

One negative was that the black pudding was sliced too thin so when it had been cooked it was too crunchy. The fried egg could also have been fresher.

All in all though it was good, obviously this is just breakfast fodder so I can't really comment on the rest of the menu but it was good enough to make me want to come back and try out the proper dining room upstairs.

Oh, almost forgot the music was way too loud, as in the speakers weren't up to the job and the music was distorting at times...

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  1. I walked past there yesterday - it was crammed! I like the idea of their takeaway kiosk - very good prices too.

    From the sound of your breakfast, Torode's neglecting his old gaff SOS in favour of this shiny new place.

  2. It got really full quite quickly today as well, this place must be coining it in as people were queueing out the door. John seems a canny lad though, the chef he has here at Luxe seems to follow Torode simply food ethos well. It's just good food done well. I sound like an advert now but it's true